Don't Ignore Your Broken Garage Door

Providing garage door opener repair work in Rosemount, MN

If your garage door fails to raise or lower properly, you may be in need a garage door opener repair service. Based in Rosemount, MN, Minnesota Garage Doors helps clients throughout the Twin Cities area. Our skilled technician will assess the problem and get started on repairs ASAP.

Don't put off dealing with a broken garage door opener. Repair it quickly by calling our Rosemount, MN office at the first sign of trouble.

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What's stopping your garage door from opening?

It might look simple, but your garage door is actually a complicated piece of machinery. Plenty of things could cause you to seek a garage door repair company.

Our garage door services include repairing...

  • Damaged springs or cables: Heavy-duty springs and cables work to lift and lower your garage door. If one of them slips out of place, it can damage your garage door opener's motor.
  • Misaligned tracks: Like any machine that runs on a track system, your garage door will stop functioning if the tracks are off-kilter.
  • Faulty sensors: Newer garage doors have photo eyes that prevent your garage door from closing on any stray objects, pets or children. If one of these is out of alignment, it could stop your door from closing.

When you need garage door services in the Rosemount, MN area, call 651-443-0587.