Are Your Garage Cables or Springs Worn Out?

Count on us for speedy garage door services in Rosemount, MN

One of our most common garage door services is replacing a broken cable. Broken cables can damage property and cause serious injuries to people and pets. If your garage door lowers too quickly or won't raise up, it's time for professional garage door services from Rosemount, MN's top garage door company.

If you've spotted a broken cable on your garage door, call Minnesota Garage Doors immediately. Loose or broken cables can be a serious safety hazard, and could even lead to damaged property.

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Signs you need a garage cable replacement

By the time you can tell you need a garage door cable replacement, it's usually too late. Contact Minnesota Garage Doors the moment you notice...

  • Fraying: A frayed cable is a serious safety hazard. If not addressed immediately, it could cause serious injuries.
  • Looseness: Your garage door cable should wrap neatly and snugly around the drum. If it doesn't, it could be ready to snap.
  • Slamming: If your garage door ever slams down, it could mean a cable is already broken.

Set up a garage door cable replacement appointment by calling Rosemount, MN 651-443-0587 now.